Farfalla is a small, lightweight and flexible web application, serving two main purposes:

  1. making it easier for web developers and website owners to implement accessibility-related functionalities on their websites;
  2. enabling users with special needs to access websites more comfortably, using the same tools on different devices.

Its functions cover a wide range of needs. They go from visualization, allowing to change font size and color combinations, to alternative interaction methods, as in the case of the multilingual onscreen keyboard. It also includes a specific solution designed for people with learning disabilities: it allows on-the-fly formatting of web pages following the BDA style guide. And if you can’t find anything useful for your specific need, you can contacti us: we would be glad to help!

Farfalla is Free Software. Its source code is distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License (GNU AGPL). A project by Andrea Mangiatordi.